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Mcquarrie Simon Physical Chemistry Pdf Freel [Updated]




148 p., illus., hbd., maps. Suggested retail price: $24.95. Review by E. B. Frank (Review of the 1985 reprint. Originally published in 1963.) Chemistry is the science that builds the components of all materials, from the longest-lived atoms to the scarcest elements, from the simplest molecules to the most complex polymers. Yet chemistry is not a precise science; there are many things that have to be taken for granted in analyzing and understanding chemical processes. In a book that relates chemistry to everyday affairs, Donald A. McQuarrie and John D. Simon offer a comprehensive treatment of physics, chemistry, and related subjects, that is not limited to a set of axioms or theory. In a synthesis of classical and modern scientific thought, the authors discuss the reactions that occur in every place and in all circumstances. They consider the laws of molecular interaction, the laws of chemical kinetics, the principles of thermodynamics, and the physical nature of matter. They describe the theory of matter as a continuous change of phase, the transformations that accompany chemical changes, the structural organization of matter, the nature of matter as a whole, and the structure of matter on the smallest scale. They discuss many other topics, such as the creation of matter, the origin of life, the origin of the solar system, the structure and function of DNA, the nature of the universe, and the investigation of the biological processes of cellular metabolism and the immune system. They present the details of many subjects that may be familiar but not yet well understood. For example, they discuss many of the significant milestones in the development of the scientific and industrial revolutions, describe important discoveries in physical, biological, and environmental chemistry, and give a comprehensive description of the current understanding of the physical properties of matter. The authors discuss the reactions that occur in every place and in all circumstances, and describe the transformations that accompany chemical changes. They use chemical kinetics to analyze the kinetics of all chemical reactions, and to explain the control of chemical reactions. The authors explain how the laws of thermodynamics apply to chemical processes, and how the laws of equilibrium and equilibrium constants explain the composition of chemical systems, the conditions of chemical reactions, and the formation of products. The authors describe the principles of chemical bonding, the nature of atoms and molecules, and their properties, the characteristics of chemical systems, and the transformations that occur in chemical processes. They also discuss chemical structure, the nature of compounds, and the relative stability of molecules. They review the



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Mcquarrie Simon Physical Chemistry Pdf Freel [Updated]

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